Anna-Christina – Maid of Honor

This is me, Anna-Christina from Germany, already fitting very well with Ann-Christin without adding any more details… Apart from that both of us share the passion for sports (although mine is a rather passive one since having two little kids) and Anni infected me with her passion for the Olympic Movement in 2014 at the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing where we met each other. Sharing is caring and spending two weeks in a hotel room in a 8 million metropole is a brilliant opportunity to get to know one another. I’m still wondering whether you had in mind that you introduced me to your future husband Andrew then 😉 Finally this and the fact that we connect without having to talk a lot ended up with ACs united at your wedding – happy days and a great honour for me!

Anna-Christina Maid of Honor

Abby – Bridesmaid

Hello, I am Abby and I am from Hong Kong. Ann and I met in Japan back in 2010 as exchange students. After living 2 doors next to each other in the tiny rooms in Beppu, we then moved our footprints out of Asia and had a lot of lovely memories in Innsbruck, Marburg, London, Milan, Paris, and Lausanne. And now we are adding South Africa to the list!! 🙂 *Yes, I am secretly looking forward to adding Hong Kong to the list too.*

A bit more about me: I live in Hong Kong but I live 1/3 of my life in the air as my job requires so and personally I love traveling! I speak Cantonese, English, Mandarin, Japanese and conversational Korean. I share the love for yoga (no running though), puzzles and Harry Potter with dear Ann. I am so happy for Ann and Andrew and I can’t wait to be there for their big day!! xx

Abby - Bridesmaid

Camille – Bridesmaid

Hi! I am Camille, I am French as you can guess from the name! I met Anni more than 9 years ago, during our exchange semester in Japan, and I was honored when Anni asked me to be her bride maid as she has been a close friend of mine for so many years! We have managed our friendship across borders, seeing each other in many different places such as France, Germany, UK, Switzerland, Italy, and now South Africa!!
A bit more about me: I have lived 6 years in London and I have just moved to Milan to follow my Italian boyfriend. I speak fluently French, English and Italian, I have a pastry diploma (but unfortunately I won’t be making the wedding cake..), I don’t understand anything about sport (unlike Anni!!!) but we share a common passion for roller coasters 😉 …… I look forward for Anni and Andrew’s big day!!!

Cami - Bridesmaid