Christophe – Best Man (Civil Wedding)

I am Christophe, and I am deeply honored to be Andrew’s best man at their civil wedding. Andrew was the best man to my wedding so it was about time I could pay back my dues. I have known the man for 15 years now, and, we worked in the same company for all this time! We’ve been through quite some great, fun and sometimes sad times. A friendship for aeons.
Aboute me: I am half French, half German, and now half Swiss after all this time. As a result I’m fluent in a few languages: French, German, English and Spanish. I understand a bit of Italian and Portuguese too just in case.
I usually pretend to be good at road cycling, which is my predilection sport, but really I just like the clothes. In my free time I like to produce music. Electronic music. Techno. Because I’m half German. Ann agreed to turn the wedding party into a Berlin Club by the end of the night, I’m sure everyone will be really happy about that. But most importantly I am the lucky father of two girls age 4 and 6 (well they will be 5 and 7 by the time of the wedding).
I’m super excited to finally see Andrew be da man and commit to a lifetime of happiness with his lovely Ann 🙂


Tosh – Groomsman

I met Andrew for the first time, albeit very briefly, in Athens Olympic Village during the 2004 Olympic Games. Among our responsibilities was cleaning out the clothing donation receptacles.  Unfortunately the containers looked like giant trash cans so as we were collecting clothes we were constantly getting trash deposited on us. Our next encounter was working together on the 2008 Olympic Winter Games in Torino at the Sestriere Village. Here we dealt with drafty tents, muddy walkways and buildings leaking waste water. So yes, we have experienced all the glory one imagines when we mention we work on the Olympic Games.  But these challenges bonded us together and helped us forge a friendship. In the ensuing years we went on to have many more adventures across the world while working for the IOC; running down Russian highways, chasing rogue media in Beijing, preventing Opening Ceremony gate crashers form marching with athletes in Rio, meeting the amazing Anni in Innsbruck, etc. However I am especially looking forward to this next adventure in South Africa, as one of Andrew’s groomsmen, a position I am honoured to take and which I am sure will be a much more glamorous adventure. In the meantime I will continue to toil away in my adopted hometown of Lutry, Switzerland (I am originally from the USA) with my brilliant Serbian wife and wonderful five year old son while working on the upcoming Olympic Games. Oh and by the way, I am Iron Man.


Peter – Best Man (Church Wedding)

I met Andrew over 15 years ago in a bar, and for the next 10 years we spent many of our waking hours in similar establishments. Throughout the years we lived together, worked several Olympic Games and enjoyed many memorable holidays. He is one of the best people I have ever met, and I can’t wait for our multi-family vacations in the future.

I met Ann a few years later, liked her instantly, and it has been a lot of fun to get to know her better and to see their relationship develop into the wonderful couple we know today.

Thank you both for asking us to be a part of your day, we cannot wait to see/meet your families/friends, and to hear some embarrassing stories about you!


Nicolas – Groomsman

I first met Andrew in September 2004, right after the Olympic Games in Athens. I would have loved to tell you that we met under extraordinary and exceptional circumstances… but we didn’t. That September, my boss at the time asked me to compile the precise statistics of participation in the Olympics and Andrew was the person in charge of collecting such data. We spent several days counting the 10,000 athletes, line by line… Our error rate was minimal and the praise we received for our work was commensurate with the fundamental impact it had on the Olympic Movement (or not…). Since then, we have had many adventures around the world as well as many good laughs. So many in fact that it is hard to be precise! We used to form nice duos in the styles of Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Starsky and Hutch or even Beauty and the Beast… I was also fortunate to meet Anni – who would become Andrew’s betrothed – at the Youth Olympic Games in Innsbruck. He became her Alpha and she is his Omega. I am particularly happy and proud to be one of the groomsmen at the upcoming celebrations in South Africa. A few words about me: I’m French (so read these words with a strong French accent), I’m married to Katerina, my charming wife. Like Andrew, I like Cider (Savannah baby) and Biltong. A bientôt et vive les futurs mariés!