Hello Family and Friends!

First off, we’d like to say that your presence at our wedding in South Africa will be the greatest gift we could ask for. The time, effort, and expense of traveling to be with us is something we deeply appreciate in our hearts, and we are so thrilled that we will be able to celebrate this happy occasion with you in Spier.

Having just moved into a new apartment two and a half years ago, we have all the house hold items we need, including half of Regina’s (Anni’s mom) kitchen that has been passed on to us. With that being said, and with both of us feeling that experiences are more important than material things, we sat down and thought about how we would like to start this new chapter in our lives.

Looking back at the last 5 years we have been together, we have traveled to Canada, Thailand, Brazil, Croatia, England – to name but a few. We found that these trips have always been something that opened our minds, inspired how we live, and shaped our relationship to what it is today.
So, being the very travel happy couple that we are – both for work and our private lives – we thought it would be fitting to start the next chapter of our lives in something we both love.

Thus, instead of asking for material gifts, we thought it would be amazing to have you all be a part of our first trip as a married couple. With that being said, we would like to start this new chapter of our lives with a trip to Mauritius to build on our life experiences as a couple.
We have decided to go to Mauritius to not only enjoy some sun, beach, and island life, but also to enjoy the sporting opportunities of the island to improve Annie’s tennis serve and Andrew to work on his handicap!

Thank you for helping us turn our idea into reality!

With Love,
Anni and Andrew

If you would like to make a contribution to our honeymoon, you can transfer the money into the following account

Recipient: Andrew James Hofer
Bank: UBS AG
IBAN: CH55 0024 3243 1839 3040 N
Reference: Sneaker Wedding

UBS, Rue Centrale 2, Portes Saint-François, 1003 Lausanne. Schweiz