our new beGINnings

After searching for each other for so many years we are now happy to announce that we will celebrate our wedding together on

December 18th 2020


Our Story

“One can only be truly happy in a relationship if each individual has already found their own happiness and fulfilment”, Andrew once said this to Ann and probably describes their journey best.

The first meeting was apparently in Autumn 2011. Ann (who still does not know why he doesn’t like Anni) had seen Andrew during a meeting at the Innsbruck Youth Olympic Games Organising Committee headquarters, and this was the first time that Ann knew they would have a special connection.

It took Andrew till January 2012 at the Innsbruck Youth Olympic Games (YOG) to remember meeting Ann, and it was while she was hanging posters up in the NOC Services Centre. Before the Games ended, Ann managed to get Andrew’s cell number (just to be clear he gave it to Ann), and this is where their friendship really started. Chatting with each other over WhatsApp, as people do nowadays who travel the world for work or move from one place or country every six months as Ann did, is where they got to know each other and grow their virtual relationship.

After about Three years of messaging, and chasing down Andrew at two more Games in Sochi and Nanjing, Ann and Andrew decided to meet up in Munich, where they were both passing through for work, and see if this relationship was more than just a virtual connection. So, over an amazing curry (which is still their favourite date night food) and a bottle of Tinta Barooca Allesverloren wine from South Africa – hence their wedding location on a wine estate – they decided to give it a go. Ann moved to Switzerland, and after what was eight months of looking for a job, finally, Gordon took the chance and hired her thus, completing the final obstacle for this relationship to flourish.

Even the ‘tissues in bed’ or ‘laundry not been put away’ dilemmas won’t hold us back to put on our white Stan Smiths and walk together into a bright future not just as friends that fell in love over their tremendous passion for sports, but as a family!

Who are we?

The most important players

The Groom


The Bride


The Gentlemen


The Ladies

Anna-Christina Maid of Honor
Cami - Bridesmaid
Abby - Bridesmaid

Wedding Details

Spier Wine Estate | Stellenbosch | South Africa
April 8th 2020

Arrival of guests & Pre-ceremony drinks – 15h00 to 15h30
Ceremony – 15h30 to 16h00
Reception & Photos: 16h00 to 18h00
Dinner & more: 18h00 to 02h00
After party: 02h00

Dress Code:

Women: 50 shades of white; we don’t need to stand out we already are the happiest people that you
are making our day special. Recycle your special day dress or just feel as special in white as the bride
does. For comfort purpose we recommend flats (Ballerinas, Sandals or join us with white Sneakers)

Men: Ties are overrated! Come in your favourite suit – skip the jacket if you like – and white Sneakers
to hit the dancefloor with us later in the night.

We will be hosting a hangover picnic from 11 am on the 9th of April. So, if you are in no hurry to venture off, we would love for you to join us. You will be able to order your picnic baskets at reception on your arrival or at any time during your stay.

The cost of a picnic basket per person is R275 (Vegan option also available) and for kids R150).

Extending your stay an additional night at Spier is encouraged, especially if you plan on driving further afield than Cape Town.

We strongly recommend that you book your hotel rooms before 15th November as Spier will start to release rooms; and therefore, we cannot guarantee rooms will be available for the special rate after this date!

Please RSVP until 30th of November 2019!!!!